Bachelor of Arts

BA Course Overview

Bachelor of Arts degree is one of the most common undergraduate degrees in the country, A Bachelor of Arts degree equips you with certain transferable skills like critical thinking, research, and writing effectively. Having a BA degree opens up a lot of prospects in terms of the jobs you can do, and also the higher education you can pursue.



BA -Six Semester Course

  1. Basic :
  2. Basic Kannada or English
  3. Select any One of the Languages:
  1. Kannada
  2. Hindi
  3. Urdu
  1. Discipline core Papers any two (DSC) and one Open Elective (OE)/Discipline Specific Elective (DSE)

1            POL. SCIENCE                  HISTORY

2            POL. SCIENCE                  ECONOMICS

3            POL. SCIENCE                  (O)ENGLISH

4            POL. SCIENCE                  SOCIOLOGY

5            POL. SCIENCE                  EDUCATION

6            POL. SCIENCE                  (O)KAN

7            HISTORY                           ECONOMICS

8            HISTORY                           EDUCATION

9            HISTORY                           (O)ENGLISH

10         HISTORY                           (O)KAN

11         HISTORY                           MUSIC

12         ECONOMICS                     SOCIOLOGY

13         (O)KAN                              SOCIOLOGY

14         (O)KAN                              EDUCATION

15         (O)KAN                              ECONOMICS

16         EDUCATION                     SOCIOLOGY

17         EDUCATION                     MUSIC

18         PHY.EDUCATION            HISTORY

19         (O)ENGLISH                     EDUCATION

  1. Compulsory papers:

B.A.I Semester – Digital Fluency, Health and wellness

B.A.II Semester – Environmental Science, Health and wellness

B.A.III Semester – Indian Constitution, Financial Education and Investment Awareness

B.A.IV Semester – Artificial Intelligence 

B.A.V Semester-Cyber Security, ethics and self-awareness, Research Methodology

B.A.IV Semester-Research project

Important Note:

Combinations with less than 15 students for any subject will be discontinued.