Core Values

The five core human values are: (1) Right conduct, (2) Peace, (3) Truth, (4)
Love, and (5) Nonviolence.

1. Values related to RIGHT CONDUCT are:
    (a) SELF-HELP SKILLS: Care of possessions, diet, hygiene, modesty,
          posture, self reliance, and tidy appearance
    (b) SOCIAL SKILLS: Good behaviour, good manners, good relationships,
          helpfulness, No wastage, and good environment, and
    (c) ETHICAL SKILLS: Code of conduct, courage, dependability, duty,
          efficiency, 4 A Textbook on Professional Ethics and Human Values ingenuity,
          initiative, perseverance, punctuality, resourcefulness, respect for all, and

2. Values related to PEACE are: Attention, calmness, concentration,
contentment, dignity, discipline, equality, equanimity, faithfulness, focus,
gratitude, happiness, harmony, humility, inner silence, optimism, patience,
reflection, satisfaction, self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-control, selfdiscipline, self-esteem, self-respect, sense control, tolerance, and

3. Values related to TRUTH are: Accuracy, curiosity, discernment,
fairness, fearlessness, honesty, integrity (unity of thought, word, and deed),
intuition, justice, optimism, purity, quest for knowledge, reason, selfanalysis, sincerity, sprit of enquiry, synthesis, trust, truthfulness, and

4. Values related to LOVE are: Acceptance, affection, care, compassion,
consideration, dedication, devotion, empathy, forbearance, forgiveness,
friendship, generosity, gentleness, humanness, interdependence, kindness,
patience, patriotism, reverence, sacrifice, selflessness, service, sharing,
sympathy, thoughtfulness, tolerance and trust

5. Values related to NON-VIOLENCE are:
    (a) PSYCHOLOGICAL: Benevolence, compassion, concern for others,
          consideration, forbearance, forgiveness, manners, happiness, loyalty,
          morality, and universal love
    (b) SOCIAL: Appreciation of other cultures and religions, brotherhood,
          care of environment, citizenship, equality, harmlessness, national awareness,
          perseverance, respect for property, and social justice.


  1. To impart quality education to young men and women from the Rural andSocio economically marginalised sections of the society.
  2. To provide education to develop an analytical mind with a compassionate
    heart and right conscience.
  3.  To contribute towards a society of equality, fraternity and liberty.
  4. We encourage our students to excel in all their activities.
  5. We emphasis on all-round and integral development of the student.
  6. We inculcate in our students, rational mind, secular sprit and strong social
    values with a commitment to cultural and human values.