About Library

Library is the heart of the Institute. Teaching and Learning systems are supported by library reading materials. Our Library is equipped with Reference Books, Text Books, e-books, e- journals, Periodicals, News papers, Old question papers etc . Our college library has definition of being a performing institution for learner development. Its wide sweep of services encompasses the provision of higher education for the economically poor and under privileged.

Five Laws of Library Science
  • Books are for use
  • Every reader his / her book
  • Every book its reader
  • Save the time of the user
  • The library is a growing organization
Brief History
  • Library was established in the year 1954
  • Initial collection of books was 690.
  • Present collection of books is 55,673
  • The following faculty rendered their valuable service.
    • Sri.Jambunath
    • Sri. A.Y Kasturappa
    • Sri Mallikarjun M.LISc,M.phil

The vision of our college library is to provide equal opportunity to everyone irrespective of caste, creed or religion who comes to our college to pursue higher education


Excellence in Higher Education, Empowerment through Knowledge, Inclusive Growth for Socio-Economic Change and Sustainable Development

Our Goal

“The goal of library department Is to enable the Staff & student’s regular reading for their enrichment of Knowledge”

Faculty Profile

Mallikarjun (M.L.I.Sc. M.Phil , Librarian)

  • ⦁ 4th International Convention on Dynamic Interoperable web Based Information Systems. CALIBER 2006. held at Gulbarga University Gulbarga on Date: Feb 2nd 3rd and 4th 2006.
  • ⦁ ICT Skills and e-Resource Management in Libraries Towards Excellence in Education and Research. held at Gulbarga University Gulbarga. on Nov 24th and 25th 2008
  • ⦁ Constitutional Approach to Regional Imbalance with Reference to Hyderabad Karnataka Region held at SCAB Law College Raichur is Collaboration with Karnataka Institute for Law and Parliamentary Reforms on Feb 9th 2008
  • NCC. Care Taker for three months

Daily news papers
Kannada English Hindi Urdu
Vijay karnataka The Hindu Vartha Munsif
Samyukta Karnataka Deccan Herald
Prajavani Times Of India
Suddimoola (Local ) Indian Express
Raichur vani (Local ) Business Line
Vijay Vani
Kannada Prabha

List of Journals
  1. Aajkal and Aajkal
  2. Current science
  3. Competition Affairs
  4. Electronics for you
  5. Economic Affairs
  6. Hosatu
  7. Physics Education
  8. Kurukshetra
  9. Parliamentary Affairs
  10. Resonance
  11. Science Reporter
  12. Southern Economist
  13. University News
  14. Vedantha Kesari
  15. Vijnana sangathi
  16. Yojan
  17. Universal Education
  18. Social Welfare
  19. Journal of English Literature
  20. Education World
  21. Pramana Journal of Physics
  22. Journal of Chemical science
  23. Bulletin of materials Science
  24. Down to earth
  25. Journal of Earth System Science
  26. Sadhana academy proceeding in engineering science
  27. Journal of Astro physics and Astronomy
  28. Proceeding of mathematical science
  29. Journal of Bio sciences
  30. Journal of Genetics
  31. Physics Today
  32. Chemistry Today
  33. Mathematics Today
  34. Biology Today
  35. Sankramana
  36. Intelligence mathematics
  37. Prathiyogita Darpan
  38. Desh Kala

Magazines Collection
  • Sudha
  • Taranga
  • Kannada nudi
  • Tushra
  • Hai bangalore
  • Janapada
  • Kasturi
  • Karmaveera
  • Mayura
  • Mangala
  • Spardha prapancha
  • Steady planner
  • Sports star
  • The Week
  • Wisdom
  • India today
  • Out look
  • Frontline
  • Employment news

Library Services
  • Lending service
  • Reader Advisory Service
  • Internet Service
  • Reprographic service
  • Reference Service
Library Utilization

No.of visitors per day

  • Students:50-100
  • Teachers: 10-20
  • Other: 5-8
Charging and Discharging system

Browne charging systems adopted (Nina.E.Browne)

  • Number of Books issued per day:50-100
  • Number of books returned per day:50-100
  • Books issued per student:03-04
Extent of use of services
  • ICT
  • E -resource by INFLIBNET
  • Orientation program
  • Photocopy
  • Book Exhibition
  • Book display program
  • Promotion of Reading Skill
  • CDs and Cassettes
Best practices
  • Special assistance to the poor and deserving students
  • Value added service to differently abled students
  • User orientation and Information literacy to students .
  • Inclusion of library information in the college prospectus
  • Career / Employment information
  • Suggestion box for timely response
  • Display new arrivals
  • Organization of book exhibition