Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Course Overview

  • Ability to design, develop algorithms and provide software solutions to cater the industrial needs.
  • Inculcate skills to excel in the fields of Information Technology and its Enabled services, Government and Private sectors, Teaching and Research.
  • To instil ethical responsibilities, human and professional values and make their contribution to the society.
  • Cultivate skills for successful career, entrepreneurship and higher studies through self-directed and lifelong Learning



B.C.A  Six Semester Course

  1. Basic:
  2. Basic English
  3. Select any One of the Languages:
  4. Kannada
  5. Hindi
  6. Urdu
  7. C. Discipline core Papers a(DSC) and one Open Elective(OE)/Discipline Specific elective(DSE)
  8. Compulsory papers:
  • B.C.A I Semester – Environmental Studies, Health and wellness
  • B.C.A II Semester – Digital Fluency, Health and wellness
  • B.C.A III Semester – Indian Constitution, Artificial Intelligence
  • B.C.A IV Semester – Financial Education and Investment Awareness
  • C.A.V Semester-Cyber Security/Employability Skills, ethics and self-awareness, Research Methodology
  • C.A.IV Semester-Research project
  • Important Note:

Combinations with less than 15 students for any subject will be discontinued.